What is this?

This blog will collect and make pubblish the answers to the survey: How did you learn languages .

The origin of the survey was a homework for the English course I was attending: in my group, we decided to write a short text on how people learn languages, and a survey was the quickest way to collect information.

However, we found the answer so interesting, fascinanting and above all, beautiful, that we decided to keep it going and to share the results with whoever could be interested in “peeking into learners head”.

This survey does not have any scientific value, nor wants to. It was written in 10 minutes by someone (me) who has no idea of statistics, etc. I wanted something quick and easy to answer and that leaves enough freedom to enable surprises.

I hope you enjoy learning how people enjoy leraning :o)) and I invite everybody who have ever learned something of a language, to take the survey.

PS: our English school IS in Second Life, that’s why you will find the percentage of people who learned language in virtual envinroment so high. :o))

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